Friday, January 16, 2009

Energy Independence: On-Site Fuel Cell Systems Operating on Biofuels

Energy Independence: On-Site Fuel Cell Systems Operating on Biofuels - 28:00 - Jun 3, 2008 by Benson P. Lee, President and CEO, Technology Management, Inc.

Diagram of a solid oxide fuel cellImage via Wikipedia
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BBC - The world of modern child slavery (2007)

Find about Child Slavery.
"Slavery is a word which immediately conjures up very specific images in our minds.
A smiling boy recycling garbage in Saigon.Image via Wikipedia
Rageh Omaar filming in Somaliland, Rageh Omaar tries to discover the realities about child slavery.

Programme preview

When it is mentioned we tend to think of people, almost always black people; degraded, abused and bound in chains, and we tend to think of such images, and the word slavery itself, as belonging to another era.

We do not see slavery as belonging to our world, not as something which is still happening today"

Full report: "The world of modern child slavery" By Rageh Omaar - Presenter of BBC Two documentary Child Slavery.

Report: International Labour Organization (ILO) Child Labour Report

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BBC.Horizon - Sexual Chemistry (2003)

Very interesting about sexual chemistry and history finding of viagra.


The drug Viagra revolutionised the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men on its launch five years ago. An accidental discovery, the tablet that gave impotent men the chance once more to have natural erections became the fastest selling pill in history and has earned its manufacturer, Pfizer, over $6bn.

The search is now on for a similar drug that could help women. Research is revealing that female sexuality is more complex than expected. For women suffering from a loss of desire many scientists believe that drugs acting on the brain may be the way forward. A pioneering Scottish study may have identified just such a drug and begun testing it scientifically.

Full link : BBC.Horizon (2003)

Secret History of Credit Card!

The hidden truth about credit card.