Thursday, January 27, 2011

Google landing in Malaysia

Google now opening sales & marketing office in Malaysia after 4 year opening office in Singapore. Now jobs for Malaysia office is available.

How does this effect local innovation:

Well as local supporter of Malaysia innovation, Malaysian has the opportunity to tap into Google. Below some innovation from Malaysia:

  1. Hailer (created for brand-owners to build tribes. It is a place for you to create innovative services and build a following.)
  2. Socialwalk (event ticketing).
  3. Joukuu (cloud backup management). 
  4. Foldees (greeting card) - company that sells designer created greeting cards. The greeting card designs are sourced through the website’s monthly vector-art contests, and royalties are paid when the cards are purchased, either through retail or via the site.
  5. Stormreaders - Islamic online book store.
  6. Jomsocial - white label social network for joomla.
  7. Rseven - Mobile phone backup service.
  1. Objectiveworld (building lifecycle management solution that provides functionality from initial planning, feasibility study and conceptual design phase all the way through design and construction to facility maintenance and operations management
  2. Opulens SABusiness Process Automation (BPA) IT solution specifically for maritime, shipping and oil & gas industry.
  3. Inetmon - Enterprise network management system.
  4. Info Valley - virtual autopsy.
  5. Polarizone -  Research and Development of Low Probability of Exploitation ( LPE ) and Anti Jamming ( AJ ) wireless communication systems. Developing, and commercializing of intellectual property in the frontier areas of transmission security ( transec ), signal intelligence ( sigint ), and quantum cryptography.
  6. Free AllianceWireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Active RFID platforms and solutions
  7. Eco Dream Venture High performance Surestreamer™ - 3 in 1 (booster, noise filter, lightning protection) device for powerline communication (PLC) products is compatible with Homeplug, Universal Powerline Association (UPA) , HD-PLC & standards.
  8. Envisage - proprietary trading activities focus on active trading strategies applied primarily to electronically-traded products. 
  9. Authentic Venture -  users can also view their tracking log anywhere in the world. When the laptop is stolen and the user allows the police to view and track the computer, the user will be able to view the progress of the recovery process.
  10. Sentinel Technologies - Anti-piracy software for Optical Disc (CD/ DVD/ BlueRay). 

and many more.

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