Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Innovation Day @ FRIM

I attend a Innovation day at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) from my house at Bukit Mahkota. From Google Maps, it shows that it take more than 75 minute to arrive, but as biker; 45 minute flat. I was invited by my fellow friends, Inventor Bugs Tan. He wrote about it at his blog ;)

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Before the event, i visit the bookstore - wow... so much knowledge is store inside it. Thing about forest research, diversity, climate change effect and action toward it. I hope FRIM can publish as creative common material, we can share the knowledge with the world.

The event start with opening from chief director of FRIM emphasize on packaging an innovation and climate change. I can see the whole staff in the auditorium really passion about their work and LOVE the Tree so much. He also mention some of his staff still at COP15 (http://www.facebook.com/cop15, http://en.cop15.dk/ ), participating in one most significant event in human history in order to battle climate change.

FRIM and it related partner showcase some amazing innovation from palm trunk engineered floor to tissue culture clonnning. I wish congratulation to the respected winners. 

My hope is FRIM can be more focus on:
1) fungi research like Paul Stamets , termite guts (bio- enzyme), spiders and all microorganisme living in our forest toward our benefits.

2) black earth
3) tree species with rapid growth accelerator to sequester more CO2  climate change research and how to combat climate change.

Mastering DNA is key for above strategic move.  don't forget to protect your IP worldwide and do valuation.

All the best to FRIM. oh... dont forget to join Friends of FRIM to adopt tree.

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Few wish before sign-off:

Do we have hero like Willie Smits for reforestation of Malaysia forest  ? Malaysian need to know their heroes.

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