Monday, December 28, 2015

A home for every Johorean (for all Malaysian?)

A home for every Johorean via The Star Online

A place to call home: Visitors admiring a model of the Projek Sentuhan Kasih Felda housing scheme at Felda Tenggaroh 3 in Mersing, Johor.

The Star: Finally, Your Royal High­ness, what are your wishes for 2016?
 Sultan Ibrahim: I hope my state government’s finances do not go   back into the red. I congratulate my Mentri Besar (Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin) for ensuring that Johor was able to amass a huge surplus during my rule in the last five years. He is a fast learner.

I always tell him to run the state like he is running a company. He must not only be a good businessman but also have the discipline of a soldier when administering Johor.

But during an economic slowdown, we have to be fighters. That is why we need more attractive incentives and stimuli to lure investors.

We must also concentrate on building more affordable homes to bring back all the communities, including the Malays, Chinese and Indians, into our town.

I also want all civil servants to own homes in our town areas.

I also want to remind developers not to set their selling prices too high, which will result in people not being able to buy homes.

With the Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD), we will become a financial hub and there will be no need to open hazardous factories.

My wish is for the government to have a relook at all the heavy industries in Pasir Gudang. Find out which industries consume too much water resulting in my rakyat facing water shortages in some areas.

We also need to look at our dangerous industries as I have been told that if a certain factory leaks, it will pose a threat to people living within a 25km radius.
So, it is time to look for the government to reconsider these dangers as Johor is not a dumping ground. 

My people’s safety and health is my paramount priority.

I do not want a chemical disaster like the one in Bhopal, India, which claimed thousands of lives in the past.

I also want to start the Sultan Ibrahim Foundation to construct affordable houses for my people. A working paper is being drawn up and our main aim is not to make money.

That means whatever the cost we use to build, that is the same price we will sell it at to the people.

This foundation is aimed at looking after Bangsa Johor as I want each Johorean to own a home. I am very concerned about the problems faced by the people due to rising costs of living.

I hope our politicians will devote their time and energy to deal with the bread and butter issues.

The rakyat is having a difficult time coping with the increasing cost of food, transport and other essential items.

My advice to the politicians, especially those from Johor, is to be sensitive to the needs of the people. Please do not waste time creating news headlines for the wrong reasons. Stop racist and religious rhetoric and work for the people.

For sure, I hope the politicians will not sow distrust and suspicions among the people by using such sensitive issues to fan uneasiness and tension. We must remain united to face the economic and political challenges.

I do not want politicians to use race or religion to exploit the sentiments of the people to cover their incompetence.

Let me warn them that if any of these politicians are from Johor, whether in government or opposition, I will personally summon them to give a piece of my mind. 

I want the people of Johor to remain united and not to let anyone split them. The people of Johor must place priority on stability and unity.

My comment:

  1. Read My wish list for Malaysia's Budget 2016.
  2. Co-op model for housing development (refer Sweden/Germany model).
  3. Education and water, soil and air monitoring station for each disctrict / near industrial area.

Monday, September 14, 2015

My wish list for Malaysia's Budget 2016

Here is my ideas to strengthen our economy:
  1. Enhance energy and water policy from initiative (not comprehensive) to comprehensive energy efficiency and water efficiency law - start introducing excessive consumption rate in commercial, industrial, government and residential (later) sector. To avoid shortage, set aggressive target for all sector. Johor will definitely gain a lot from this law because they facing water shortage. Klang Valley folks like Selangor use too many of both.
    • phase out energy and water equipment which are not energy efficient from the market (air cond, kitchen, TV, set-top box, refrigerator, freezer, car, motorcycle, boiler etc).
  2. Mandate all petrol station to be retrofit with LNG refueling station within 3 year nationwide.
  3. Mandate to provide free public wifi (through license renewal) healthcare facilities, shopping mall, chalet, hotel, restaurant, cafe, petrol station, bank, post office, retail store (including mini market, supermarket and hypermarket). Number of public wifi should be reasonable proposition by population density (1:200) either in urban, sub-urban and rural setting
  4. Introduce local telecommunication access trust fund similar to Improvement Service Fund (ISF) - funding can be derived from cell tower, no of fixed line provided, copper/fiber deployment, telephone/internet exchange and etc.
  5. Mandate building roof (made flat) to be cover by green roof / white paint.
  6. Introduce volumetric waste water pricing - estimated volume of wastewater generated by municipal and industrial sectors in Malaysia (2010) is 2.97 billion cubic meters per year.
  7. Introduce volumetric construction and industrial waste to reduce waste - 25,000 tonnes of construction and industrial waste were generated each day.
  8. New law for clean air and clean water based on polluter pay principle - pesticide, ammonia, diesel pollution among major concern for water resource.
  9. Remove subsidies for industries and commercial for electricity, water, petrol and diesel. If subsidies need to continue, must be in performance subsidies (available for most efficient resources usage).
  10. Ceiling price for petrol, diesel, food products and construction material all year round.
  11. Expand zero rated GST items to include :
    • Prescription medicine, medical equipment, equipment for disabled people and medical consultation.
    • Bicycle, motorcycle (below 250cc) and protective equipment like helmets.
    • etc.
  12. Rebate 50 - 70% for disabled people in their essential expenditure and utilities rate (including fixed and mobile broadband, quite rent, electricity, water, prescribed medicine, equipment for disabled).
    • Parent / guardian also able to enjoy the benefit (if disable taken care by them). 
  13. Introduce law (from best possible standard) in regard to fuel economy standard for transport (including motorcycle, car, truck and ship etc).
  14. Provide better mechanism under GTFS (financing: coupon, etc) for shipping industries to deep retrofit their fleet with energy efficiency technology (sail, bulbous bow redesign, high efficiency propeller and etc) services and fuel.
  15. Food waste law and initiative to enhance existing solid waste management law - do like what France does.
  16. Increase Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) rate to 70% (1st year), 60% (2nd year), 50% (3rd year), 40% (4th year), 30% (5 - 7 year).
  17. Introduce Capital Gains Tax.
  18. Establish school as food food production center (via aquaphonic, green wall) and small renewable energy production and energy efficient users through co-operative model.
  19. Establish cooperative for homeless & eKasih recepients - introduce biz opportunities in RE, energy efficient, water, home, education, healthcare , transportation , retail and etc). Then set aside trust fund for development of members.
  20. Introduce Windfall tax for energy sector (power generation) and telecommunication industries.
  21. Sugar Tax to reduce soda consumption and combat obesity.
  22. Increase tobacco tax up to 50%.
  23. Develop carbon market for Malaysia similar to EU ETS and establish linkage between other emission trading exchange.
  24. Establish public housing *trust fund by introducing special levy for public housing development derive from commercial and high end real-estate development model around MCMC USP Fund.
  25. Comprehensive review of tertiary education cost. 
  26. Comprehensive public health study on cancer diseases in Malaysia and action plan (and public feedback) every 4 month. 
  27. Establish tertiary education *trust fund
    • by introducing special levy for foreign student study fee OR AND special levy for private tertiary institution model around MCMC USP Fund to reduce cost tuition fee, reduce student loan dependent and complement PTPTN.
    • setup student cooperative housing to reduce student living cost.
  28. Establish health *trust fund by introducing special levy on foreign worker insurance scheme OR AND private healthcare provider model around MCMC USP Fund to reduce subsidies on healthcare for them.
  29. Establish *trust fund for retailer by introducing special levy on retailer (hypermarket and supermarket with large sales volume) based around MCMC USP Fund. This fund can be utilize to improve retail sector through R and D and development of small retailers.
  30. Re-introduce (?) rent cap control law like Berlin, Germany.
  31. Introduce law to push manufacturers to start designing products (electronic, electric, car, motorcycle etc) that are easier to fix.
  32. Intensive build of recycling industries to support domestic and imported waste (steel scrap, aluminum scrap, plastic scrap, tyre scrap, paper, e-waste and garbage etc).
  33. Auto convert PTPTN loan to Islamic scheme for all.
  34. Tax rebate for PTPTN or study loan re-payment. 
  35. Setup a lot more social impact bond and exchange platform for local players.  
  36. Permanent ban on polystrene, BPA, Trans Fat and asbestos.
  37. Establish local authority for public transport, buy thousands of bus and CANCEL:
    1. MRT2 (original est cost RM40B - final est RM100B?) ,
    2. LRT3 (RM9.5B)  now RM11.5B) length 36km compare to Jakarta LRT (RM10B) length: 109km and
    3. HSR (RM40B - original est RM16.5B).
    4. Nuclear plant (original est RM22B - possible RM50B?)
  38. Increase minimum wage to RM1,200/month.
  39. Streamline welfare application from JKM, Zakat and other related agencies. 
  40. Audit national asset and expenditure at all level. Current/ future government project which including GLCs must be included in yearly Auditor-General report (classified them on watchlist:  
    • Red - critical or need constant watch (audit) example MRT, LRT, HSR and PR1MA development.
    • Yellow - example procurement of IT project more than RM1,000,000.  
    • Green - small procurement/projects.
      All new or existing projects can be view their status (work in progress, KIV, % completion, est completion etc) on through unified project management system and available via open web and open format.  
  41. Yes - i believe in free tertiary education.

    I think with no.37 alone, save Malaysia (and future generation) over RM100B++.
    *Trust fund must be independent bodies.