Monday, July 27, 2009

Social Enterprise : Elly and 4 Enterprenuer from Aceh, Indonesia.

On the 18th July 2009, I was lucky enough to met with 4 entrepreneur from Aceh. They look very humble and sincere to learn from others especially from Macri. I able to discuss with Diyana, a tailor. She told me tell the story about her spirit and keen to make a living. She earn less than Rp 50,000 a month (less than RM 20/month) for her tailoring work. To help her earn more, she farm at the rice field, lucky enough to sustain her family the entire year.

We talk about how she would like to boost her income by getting more customer. She told the village surrounding economy consider as very poor, with population less than 500 people. They only manage to buy cloth for average 2 x in year, school also available...

I asked her,
"what happen if your cloth torn apart?".
She answer back "kami tampal".
*Ahha....light bulb* - "kalau beri service utk menjaga baju budak2 sekolah, boleh tak?"
"Rasa2 boleh tapi saya segan untuk bercakap."
"Tulis surat dan berikan kepada guru besar, boleh kan?"
"Insya Allah (god willing)".

This is a good opportunity for her to earn recurring income from local school by offering maintenance cloth of school. Then, more question...

"Bagaimana makan sehari2 (how is your diet daily)?"
"Nasi putih (white rice), sup telur, sayur2 kampung."
"Macam mana dengan ikan atau daging?" i asked again.
"Kadang2 (seldomly)." she said.

I told her about technology practice in agriculture with is common in Malaysia which help boost productivity. Malaysian modern practice usage of canvas "keli dalam canvas " in aquaculture. She really impressed. Now, she already thinking about eat and sell extra capacity of the fishes. So, I think developing area such Aceh need basis technology transfer to uplift the standard of living.

Call to action:

1. To innovator - assume the village's as "Company A",
a) how do make this company sustainable and profitable in very long long time?
b) first product? howto?
c) how to create/ interface with the ecosystem?
d) etc.

Let hear a lots of contructive idea, howto to implementation to built "Company A". Light negative feedback are welcome... other than that, please keep in the sandbox. tq.


Some help from Ideo : Human-Centered Design Toolkit.

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