Monday, September 30, 2013

Malaysia petroleum subsidies - rationalization reasons?

According to to Dato Ahmad Maslan at Parliament today said subsidies rationalization  recently to decrease the amount of subsidies given to people earning more than RM 3,000/month. No substantial evidence to prove this.

Yes. Bigger car use more fuel than small size car or motorcycle but where is the fact to support it?

  1. How many people earning RM 3,000/month use car (big car & small size) & motorcycle?
  2. How many people use credit card or cash to purchase fuel at petrol station?
  3. What is their daily habit (behavior) of customer - individual and business?
  4. How much subsidies per petrol station ? where is the hot spot? 

  1. Open data matter! With data from petrol station, we can visualize the energy flow in the country.
  2. With data, we can engage stakeholders with much better decision.

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