Sunday, January 24, 2010

Malaysia Inventor of the day - Bugs Tan

Today my friend, bugs tan interviewed by The Star.

To many close friend and acquittance, know him as "bugs tan" or kid know him as "Uncle Bugs". I wish him very good luck. He mentioned about pokokhydro. Watch out this space. With his expertise, affordable hydrogen generator for Malaysia will be ready soon.

“I invent products based on market demand and “market problems”. “People get frustrated sometimes when they face problems but they forget that these problems are opportunities in themselves,” he says.
@He invent to satisfied market need, therefore - his invention worth a lots of $$$. But private investors in Malaysia not appreciating his valuable technology.

“I did invent a rat catcher once that used glue. With that, I was able to catch a rat as big as a cat. I even got a grant for it. But after a while, I gave up on the idea entirely because I believe we do not have the right to take another life, even that of a rat,” he explains.

“I don’t invent things that will damage people’s lives,” he adds.
He a man who is appreciate life. by the way he is a Buddhist. People wish to follow his way of life can go to his blog. And also he keep a blog about creativity and innovation at his personal blog


This year, he says he will be busy with three main projects. The first one is an invention called Pokok Hidro, a hydrogen generator that can help cars save fuel by up to 20%.
It is different from other similar products in the market in that it “will consistently help your car save the same amount of fuel and it’s very safe”, he says.
With this latest invention, Tan will also do his part for Mother Nature. Every product sold will result in a tree planted in the buyer’s name at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong.

“I’m already in talks with FRIM on this. They like the idea very much,” he says.
The generator will be priced at about RM1,000, which he says is cheap compared with similar products that sell at RM1,800 each.

 Correction: change "Pokok Hidro" to "Pokokhydro".

 Yes, the result for pokokhydro is coming in. It getting better and better from last test.


Twitter: @syawal

Credit: The Star Malaysia for picture.

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