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Responds to NetV@lue 2.0 Week in Tech (WIT), January 22

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NetV@lue 2.0 writer Aishah Mustapha interviews Dr Reezal Abdul Latiff on the local biotech scene in this three-part interview of the Week in Tech (WiT)


Part 1:

Part 2:

1. managing expectation (money, time). ;)

2. for industrial biotechnology:

i - key word is "cheaper" and re-use waste as supplies - abundant.
ii - innovative biz model @ product as service: Ray Anderson of Interface, Inc -

3. Scientist in universities getting millions, 5:12 , for research. but it takes maybe at least 3 year or more to before we can see the result/ prototype level.

4. 6:00 - low uptake is about execution & time frame for market accessibility due to early stage of product development - typical responds from local industries buyer/tester; responds:

a) ""Not proven yet!"
b) "you steal this technology from japan/germany or usa".
c) "how can you handle such complicated stuff? do you have the technical expert?"
d) "why so expensive/ i don't have the resources / man powerto help you to tackle the problems."

a) well sir, the prototype need to tested to be valid by to become a product.
b) we have filed a patent pending technology to tackle the problem in Malaysia and soon international.
c) we have a specialist from local universities from UTM and etc to support us.
d) it still cheaper than buying from overseas player and our intention to build a long business relationship w/ you. you can still can go back home early and let someone from you company liaison w/ us.

Part 3:

0:10 to 2:00:

From substance used in drugs to treat patients with cardiovascular problems, to anti cancer drug from local source, , is available here.

Nurturing and mentoring for our universities and young entrepreneur from world class mentor ranging from private investor to top researcher in Tokyo to US, from local & overseas (for referral purpose); why? John Doerr (KPCB) are likely pickup the phone call if Late Prof. Rajeev Motwani, ring him; ...

Young entrepreneur w/ mentoring from heavy hitter of industries, , is the key for main engine growth to generate wealth in the nation, most successful high-tech entrepreneur start young in their early 20s to early 30s (example Steve Jobs & Bil Gates).


Pfizer - sales for viagra worldwide (2009) USD 416 M;, this is "home run" drug but other type of drug generating more/ less revenue. the problem is focus on try to solve all diseases by single bullet. Big firm pharma' at USA & Europe very focus to solve very particular hard problem,@ heart diseases then by accident discover viagra, then the rest is history. Mostly the big pharma' biz strategy is M&A, looking for innovative product being developed.

6:00 :
- Singapore actually in spending spree and sending their engineer to master bio-manufacturing;
- "Singapore builds army of scientists for brave new biotech world" ,
- Singapore investment arm open office in London ;
- Singapore investment in agri. biotech maybe not local but together w/ agriculture giant, Monsanto (2000);
- Singapore don't have land mass but Wilmar from Singapore operate integrated biz related to palm oil and agriculture product and very lucrative biz;

8:00 :
- 2,000 Phd if you have USD 3 Billion budget allocation yearly.
- MNC in France, you mean "Novartis", right?
- that company is spreading their brain all over the world from west to east taking advantage of budget and productivity wise.

- Our real valuable agriculture commodity is only palm oil, dominate by Sime Darby, IOI and Genting. They already finishing first draf of palm oil gnome. How do you spur innovation? Malaysian corporation will soon master DNA their crops, The product life cycle for rice seed for example take more than 7 years, rigorous testing than FDA test, look at Monsanto. Malaysia big corporate already cover the basis (agriculture) including from fertilizer to seeds by setup labs and do callobration w/ external R&D partner, , then why should the national brains boost their extreme precious resources to tackle the same thing.

- We should be building upward capability and capacity by developing many,many, many Malaysia (Steve) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, , build from the building block of agriculture material either locally source or externally source.

Video Part 3: overall comment: Dr.Reezal does not do his background check properly while referring to other biotech category and countries. He should mention/ suggest about his company/ Malaysia strategic plan on going abroad in term of investment and building pipeline toward commercialization rather than argue about technology being developed here. Malaysian scientist innovate and won technology award around the world (2009); .

My take is this matter: Industrial and Healthcare biotechnology should be the focus as Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF), already put the money as it should together with Khosla Venture in some of portfolio, Now probably MLSCF is waiting for Healthcare Biotech co. candidate to join the A- list investors to growth their biz.

Dear sir - please scout further deep into the market including emerging market, recruit the heavy hitter, engineer the local (Malaysia) ecosystem so we (entrepreneur) can sync with Silicon Valley/ Boston / any part of biz ecosystem. Therefore, we, Malaysian can make Malaysia proud and build path for the next generation and so forth. 



ps: my two cents. ;)

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