Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why Google Energy - The explosive growth of low-carbon economy :

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Why Google Energy - The explosive growth of low-carbon economy :

  1. Carbon Market - Market could be worth $3tn a year.
  2. Virtual Electric Utility - Cheaper to operate virtual electric generator rather build own solar farm & other clean energy. therefore, this will lead to acquisition of EnerNOC (market cap - $ 688 million as Feb 21, 2010) soon. 

"Google’s Niki Fenwick told us (and is quoted in the other media reports) that Google has no plans to become an energy seller but that the creation of Google Energy is an attempt to proactively address hurdles it could face in its plans to go carbon neutral. Given the legal permission to act as a utility — basically buying and selling clean energy (it owns a large rooftop solar project at its headquarters) — Google could help offset its carbon emissions that result from its large power needs." - Earth2tech.



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